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Image by Matt Wojtaś

values & land acknowledgement

As a small, white, able-bodied, cis-gender, native-English speaking woman I recognize the privilege and access that I have enjoyed in this lifetime.


I continue to engage in the work of decolonizing and un-settling the ways in which white supremacist/colonial culture lives in my body. I am indebted to the work of Michelle C Johnson, Ilya Parker of Decolonizing Fitness, Resmaa Menakem, angel kyodo williams, and many others for my continuing re-understanding of social justice, equity and inclusion in wellness, mental health, and spiritual communities.


I am a practicing Buddhist and student of depth psychology. I recognize that the interdependent nature of reality means that a failure to excavate our own shadow and to reckon with internalized systemic oppression is a failure to connect with both our true selves and with others whom we profess to love. We are all impoverished in this way, and no systemic change is possible.

I value bodies of all sizes, shapes and abilities and do my best to create practices that are welcoming and affirming to populations that have traditionally been under-valued and under-represented. 

I offer sliding-scale access to my online subscription site. I also have a limited sliding scale pricing available for my one-on-one clients, with priority given to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and those living with disabilities.  

For thousands of years, the land on which I live and work has been the traditional land of many indigenous people, including the Guacata, Jeaga and the Ais; the Taino, Mascogo and Miccosukee, and most recently, the Seminole. I am grateful to be working on this land. 

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